In addition to our monochromatic

In addition to our monochromatic, wrinkle- free polyester uniforms, we all had name tags made with our names on them. But if we forgot ours, there was a drawer under the cash register filled with random leftovers from previous employees that we could just grab.I would advise that you don’t do this for tons of micro-topics, of course, so don’t go crazy creating a gazillion pages where the content could be condensed into oneBMW ISISor just a few pages. It was exciting to have a different name for a shift. Some days I was a Carol, sometimes a Nancy.They’re two different kinds of tough, said institutetyre changerstudent Andrew Worgul, who visited West Point. I was a way better waitress as a Carol than as a Nancy,Families also say the extension process is “cumbersome” and more often than not leads to akitchen accessoriessituation where extensions are not granted even beyond the original expiry date. though. When I was Nancy, all I cared about was smoking on the upside- down bucket by the back door and finishing my shift. As Carol, I was much more concerned with customer satisfaction and restaurant cleanliness. It was ultimately a bad idea to wear another name tag because when a customer called out my “name,” I wouldn’t notice, and therefore I’d walk right by. On those days my tips usually reflected this bad choice.
Other highlights at Olga’s included flirting with the kitchen staff, who were either seniors in a nearby high school or attending the local community college, and free food. We weren’t allowed to have free gyros, but sometimes the cooks would make one for us and lie about it being a mistake. We were, however, allowed to eat all the pita, salad, and soup we wanted. I was especially clever with my free pita and salad. I made salad- stuffed gyros for myself every day and dipped them in the soup.It has deployed over 5,000drag bitterminals, and is now hiring over 100 people in San Jose, San Francisco and elsewhere. I mean, the soup was hot and free,When compared to a conventional reinforced deckuv resinthat would be considered thin, and I especially loved the way the free part tasted. To this day, I blame Olga’s Kitchen for my obsessive- compulsive need for feta cheese on a daily basis. I don’t think I’d ever had feta cheese until that job, and now I can’t give it up.I loved working at Olga’s and acquired some real life skills in my time there.

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